Email Starter
Tired of being locked in to the email address that your Internet provider has given you? Buy a domain name and start your personalised email (you@yourdomain.com) experience with our Starter Email package.
Email Economy
So you've been using your own email address for a while or you're trying to make your business a little more professional. Drop the Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account and enter into the world of Microsoft Exchange collaboration features with this entry level MAPI account
Email Premium
Your business has grown and you've got a few more staff members and your reliance on email has grown without you realising. Step in to the Premium Microsoft Exchannge mail package with huge amounts of storage and all of the collaboration features you need to work with your team.
Email Advanced
That little server in your office keeps breaking down or it's just too slow and the IT guy is never around. Take the next step and dive in to the full suite of Microsoft Exchange collaboration and email services with our Advanced package. Let our friendly IT crew take care of the services for you.
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